24th & Meatballs

Put our balls in your mouth

Talk About Some Balls!

Willamette Week
Claiming meatball shop may be the bell of The Ocean's ball boasting a delicious kale salad and polenta
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Diving into Northeast Portland micro restaurant pod The Ocean
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Daydream in Color, “{Taste} Portland, OR: 24th & Meatballs,” 11/12/12
Blogger recounts first sampling of 24th and Meatballs
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Happy Hour Honeys, “Portland (Mini) Restaurant: 24th and Meatballs,” 10/3/12
Bloggers dish about their love of 24th and Meatballs
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Eater PDX, “First Ocean Property Debuts: 24th & Meatballs,” 8/10/12
Announcing 24th & Meatballs' debut
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